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img1 Jonathan Viljoen
“Jono” has been in the furniture industry since 2005; His stay in Italy in 2007 ignited his passion for design.The harmony between functionality and aesthetics to which he was exposed to, is what Jono integrates into his design philosophy.

Growing up in Johannesburg, Jono has designed a vast array of kitchens, from townhouse developments to residential estates, one of which was featured in the ‘SA Home Owner’ magazine in October of 2012.

Feeling restricted working for local companies, he made the move to ‘Kountertop’, where he now pushes the boundaries of innovation, style, and design.


Bernadette bw Bernadette Brown
Marketing and Events Manager
Bernadette was born in South Africa and lived in various cities in GP, KZN and now EC.She is a peoples person, kind and driven.

Bernadette has a vast background in sales and marketing and her sparkling personality and eyes for detail enables her to coordinate vibrant events.


img1 Manuel Hijar
Managing Director
With a solid sales and marketing background, Manuel is the creative engine of Kountertop’s image and marketing.Marketing is a much bigger role than just advertising:
- is responding quickly and courteously to incoming phone calls and emails – it is being proactive and responsive to our customers
- is pricing our products and services so they represent a value to our customers and support the image/brand of Kountertop,
- is making sure that the products and services we provide – and every element that goes into the provision of these services – satisfies or exceeds the expectations of our customers.